Sara: Information

Hi, I'm Sara. I'm thirteen, well, technically I'm twenty one, but that's in vampire years. I knew what a vampire was before I was changed - I was friends with one. I was coming home from a new year party when I got bitten. It was someone from school, a boy. His name was Todd and I'd always had a major crush on him. On the way home I was waiting for someone to pick me up. He came up to me and said that he was sorry. I asked him what for but he just said "It's because I love you" then he pushed something into my hand and sank his teeth into my neck.  I never saw him after that. My parents and my friends think I died, I've seen my grave.

I heard that when you get changed, you become pretty or handsome. Not me. I'm a weirdo. My skin is mixed race unlike the vampires I heard of. My hair is mud brown and it flows down to just below my shoulders. at least that's one good thing. but it's always a mess and full of knots. My eyes are the colour of gravel - except when I'm thirsty, then they're the colour of blood. the good thing about my eyes is that they're soft grey. My clothes are the ones I was wearing at the party : Blue skinny jeans and a tight fitting sparkly purple top. My shoes wore away ages ago. My teeth are still in the braces they were in the year I was changed. They'll never be sparkly, white and straight.

Another strange thing about me is that I still like human food - and drinks.

I didn't know I was changed until I killed my Auntie Jane when she picked me up. I've been running away from myself ever since. I try to only feed on animals but there are always too many humans and never enough animals. Blood doesn't run through my veins any more - thankfully so, I would have killed myself by now - though my heart carries on beating. I carry the violet love stone that Todd gave me around with me all the time. It hasn't helped so far but maybe someday it will...

The End

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