Adrian: Are you kidding me?

After getting swept down stairs but Mathew, I wandered down to the basement cause I could sense Kairari down there. She was obivously upset about nearly tearing Raven's hand off. I made it the bottom of the stairs before she took off out the window in wolf form.

"You see something new everyday." I muttered, going back upstairs.

   There was another new vampire, trying to convince everyone else to go after Kaiari. Liam was there, watching Ema with eyes, seeing what he decision would be, and ultimately if she did go, he would go along. He's love sick, even though the girl doesn't even know it. Everyone took off after the new vampire and Liam in tail.

"Are you kidding me!" I yelled chasing after everyone.

    I caught up to everyone and ran in front of the newer vampire. "Stop, all of you! Do you see what you are doing? Kaiari wouldn't have taken off like that in such a rush if it wasn't important. Midnight told me she has a sister, and then there was something about extermination..." I shook my head, trying to stay on track. "I'm pretty sure that she has to do this on her own and that she will be fine." I snarled and looked at the new vampire. "You guys are listening to a guy who just showed up the the mansion." I looked everyone one of them in the face. "You are all risky getting attacked by those hunters that brought you to the mansion in the first place, so can we get back there please before someone or all of us get staked?"

Everyone of them looked at each other and nodded and started running back to the mansion, well Mathew flew with Ana. The new vampire followed close to me, looking at me from his side view.

"Can you stop staring at me please?" I said irritated enough as it is.

The End

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