Shiney: Who Else Is Here?

I went upstairs, and was about to unlock the door to my room, when I heard some voices from another room. Who else is here? I thought. I went to room 4, and knocked. "Mathew, is that you?" someone said.

"Sorry, I'm not Mathew. Um, is this Ana?" I said.

"Yes, how'd you know?" she asked warily.

"Narcissa told me... uh, that you and Ema are in this room." I didn't tell her that I knew because Narcissa told me her and Mathew were, um, together, sort of.

Faintly, I heard her say, "Ema?"

"Sure thing, Ana. I'll get the door. You should get to know this newcomer, whoever she is." A girl opened the door for me. She looked a few years older than me, and when the door opened, I got a whiff of human.

"Ana and Ema, pleased to meet you. I'm Shiney." The human, Ana, sat on her bed, and peered at me. "Yeah, I know. My name isn't really Shiney. It's Ashley. But I don't really like anything other than Shiney." 

Ema came close to me, and whispered close to my ear, "She doesn't like vamps, except for me, mostly. You can meet me some other time, but she's shy. 'Kay?"

"Sure thing," I replied. "I still gotta meet everyone else, too, so I'll see you some other time."

The End

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