Jay: A Warm Welcome.

I stayed as still as a stone for hours in my new room. Thinking. All of the people- well, things- that I'd left behind.  If I could cry, my tears would already be dripping down my pale face. I hated this. These stupid Vampires. I was expecting some kind of reception; a warm welcome, maybe. This place, after all, was widely known throughout the Vampire world. Famous. But it was empty. Well, you would've thought that, at least. I looked around. The room was glorious. Nothing like any hotel I'd stayed in. The walls were well kept, and the floors were carpeted, with a rich gold colour. it was like a room in any normal house; homey, nice. Luxurious, in a way. The bed, however, was unecessary. This Vampire, didn't need to sleep. he unpacked quickly, not bothering to be neat. Suddenly, I heard someone calling my name from the forest. I peered out of the window, and saw a young man. I couldn't quite make out who he was by looking at him. I opened the window.

"Yes?" I called,

"Jay, thanks goodness I've found you. They're after me."

"Bart?" I recognised him, as soon as he spoke in his gruffled voice, "Who's after you?"

"The loan sharks." He replied. Suddenly, a pair of pale hands grabbed his shoulder. "Oh no! Jay!" He yelled, just before he was pulled away, into the tree's. I could hear the confrontation.

"Mr. Curtis." A smooth male voice said. Uh oh. The master never came for a simple repayment. He came to kill. I tried not to listen to the screaming that followed, but anyone could've. Even a human.

"Mr. Hale!" He called. Crap. "Give us back the blood, and this type of thing won't happen to you." He exclaimed.

"You can't come to me in here! I'm safe."

"Until you leave." I could imagine him smile, and ghost away gracefully into the misty forest.

The End

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