Kyoshiro: Skip

I ran a bit with the others when I decided to go off on a tangent.

"I pick up a scent this way?" I lied.

They nodded and continued on their way. I backtrack my footsteps as I try to find the mansion again. Eventually I see it, standing rather brightly in the soft full moon. I began to run, rather quickly I might add. And I got to the window, and I hoped in. I walked about and saw some shadows in the kitchen.

Eating, this late?

I joked inside my head. I walked to a podium at the entrance and saw a guestbook.

Didn't notice this before.

I grabbed a pen and wrote in it.

Kyoshiro. And I checked the box that said 'M.' I then took the room 13 key.

Heh, how unluckly.

I then walked up the stairs and found my room. I opened it and walked in. I then saw a bed.


I then crawled under the sheets. Even though my body no longer needs rest, I indulge in it every so often.

The End

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