Shiney: New Friends?

Following a normal vampire scent, I went into the kitchen. I saw a little girl sipping what smelled like blood and... rootbeer? "Delish." I said. She turned towards me.

"Want some?" she asked.

"Rootbeer, but no blood. Thanks."

"Who are you?' she asked, telling me the names she had seen on the list.

"No, you must have come just before James and I came in. James, he's uh... my friend. I'm Ashley, but please don't call me anything other than Shiney. Anyway, how old are you?" We talked for a while, and then I asked her who else was here. "James wrote our names in the book, so I didn't see."

"There's Imira, Midnight, Me, Narcissa, Ema, her human twin Ana, Raven, Kaiari, Mystic, and Jay. There's also Liam, Mathew too. Mathew is a pixie thingie, and Kaiari is a werewolf-vampire. She and Raven are together, I think. And so are Ana and Mathew." Telling me about all of them, she explained their characters.

"I feel sorry for Imira, having no one. You should meet James, in fact, I should probably go around and meet everyone. Tell everyone you meet to come and meet me if they haven't yet, I hate not knowing the people in the same house as me. Wanna come meet James? I'm going to have a nap anyway. I need some rest."

I yawned, once again looking at the small vampire that, somehow, might be a good friend. I was going crazy.

The End

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