James: Entrance

Shiney and I ran, away from the hunters. Only, something was ahead of us. Or so Shiney said. She said there was a solid man (or vampire) -made block of stuff that was keeping her from hearing beyond it. "A building," she said.

Then, it was revealed. "Good ears!" I laughed. "Maybe the hunters will leave us alone now, because I don't think they're accustomed to chasing us inside a building!" We walked in, and saw a table with a red guest book on top. I scribbled in: Shiney and James, and ticked the two boxes.

When I turned around, Shiney was staring at me with an unfathomable expression. "It's being inside, isn't it?" I asked. I knew she liked the wild better than a closed in box-room.

"No, I'm just smelling a bunch of vampires and.. and something else. Two something elses, actually." I sniffed the air too. Definately vampire, and something else. Grabbing the two keys that appeared out of nowhere, I started towards the stairs.

"You go and look what accomedations there are." She said. "I wanna talk to our friends in this place." While at the same time hoping that she wouldn't hurt them, I slowly trudged up the stairs.

The End

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