Ashley(Shiney) and James: Info

Ashley (Shiney) T:

Hair: shoulder length, golden-brown
Eyes: changing, brownish to greenish to hazelish
Human Age: 11
Vamp. Age: about a month

James N:

 Hair: short, dark brown
Eyes: dark brown
Human Age: 10
Vamp Age: about two months

Hi, I'm Ashley. Call me Shiney, please, that's the name I like to use. I'll use it from now on, to keep things simple. I know, it's spelt wrong, but just please. James and I are best friends,  technically. I mean, we're like, ten and eleven, but he's always been really super kind and caring to me. And he never seemed to mind that I'm a year older and almost a head taller.

When he was bitten, by someone whom he doesn't know, he needed to run away, but he couldn't just go without anyone. He's always been a people-person, and he couldn't stand the thought of running away without someone to be with him. I would have left without a backwards glance.

Somehow, both of us are still aging. We think it has to do with eating lots of human food and getting lots of rest. So that's what we do, because who really wants to be stuck as a kid for all of eternity? With a best friend who's a head shorter then you?

We've been running around, escaping hunters, in the wild for about a month. I know that because the day he changed me, it was a full moon. And I had seen a full moon tonight.

Hi, I'm James. Shiney has pretty much summed it up, we're friends, best friends, I'm short, she's tall, we're aging, I don't know who bit me, I don't like wandering around the planet for all of eternity without someone by my side. For some reason, these hunters are chasing us. And we're running.

Shiney's not really a people person, but I don't really care. She likes me well enough, so I don't really care about it. Sometimes she can be really cheery to others, but it takes some prodding. She also has a bit of a temper. Both of us are very smart, and we like witty conversation. And yes, tonight, we were walking around when we stumbled into a clearing, and it was a full moon.

But then the hunters' voices came from quite close, and now we are running away!

The End

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