Jay: Arrival.

Leaves whipped past me as I ran through the forest. I knew where I had to go; my safe harbor. Vampire Mansion. I'd heard about it from a friend. I thought nothing of it. 'It's a myth' I'd told him. But now I know. I ran with vampire speed through the dark forest, afraid that I would be caught. By them. The vampire loan sharks, if you will. And then I saw it. An enormous house, it looked old, but very sturdy. I knew it was Vampire Mansion; I could smell its inhabitants. Their distinct smell smelt nice, of course. But there was no way to explain it. Nothing to compare it to. I ran through the big oak doors, and got to the desk. I wrote in an elegant script-

Jay Hale.

I ticked the 'M' box, and Picked up the room key. Room 10. I didn't need the map; my sense of smell was capable of finding my room. I got to it, and walked inside.

The End

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