Kyoshiro: Whoa

I continue to stand in the same spot, bewildered by all the things that have been happening. I quickly jog to the man whose name appears to be Matthew. And the cause of the commotion appears to be a new vampire, named Kiari. I grab Mathew's shoulder and turn him to face me.

"Hello, my name is Kyoshiro. There is a vampire hunter out there and I doubt she'll pass up a chance to kill your friend there."

His eyes widened. He shrugged my hand off, turned around, and tried to climb out the window.

"You're clearly insane if you believe that you will stand a greater chance than your fledgling friend."

He turned his head to look at me.

"But, I've got to try."

And at this, he turned his head and climbed out. And began running across the field. I look at the others around me, they all seem to be curious about me.

"Now is not the time for formalities. Help your friend, I'll come too."

What was I thinking! 'I'll come too.' It's almost as if I want them to know about me.

The End

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