Matthew: This Is Weird

I grabbed Ana's hand, pulling her out the way as Kaiari came hurtling down the stairs, and into the basement. She raised a delicate eyebrow into an arch. I shrugged, then pushed her out the way as Kaiari came tearing back up from the basement, transformed in the moolight into a wolf, then darted out the window.

"Ok, I'm stickin' with you till she stops being so hyper." Ana said, wrapping her hands round my arm quite tightly. I smiled. I checked the calender. New Year's Eve. I knew exactly where Kaiari had gone. She had gone to Scurro Ami, Darkness's Friend, that castle in the lake. Inside, her sister was asleep. If she didn't release her sister, then one of them would be exterminated. God, didn't that sound like me being a dalek???

I pulled Ana into my arms, and flew with her slowly up the stairs. I let her down, and pushed open the door with the hole in it. Raven was sat on the bed. He looked at me slowly. "That was weird." he said softly. I laughed.

The End

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