Liam: Get your hands off my sister!...please.

Mathew came out of no where rushing Ema, Adrian and Ana down the stairs. He was clearly panicked.

"What's going on?" I yelled, wondering why he was Ema's wrist so tightly, and why he was still holding Adrian by the wrist though she was trying to shake him off.

"Kaiari has a bit of a problem right now, she has an uncontrolable thrist right now." Mathew's grip both griped tightly slightly on to the girl's wrist.

"Get your hands off my sister!" I barked, and saw Ema's shock to my voice, "Please...and the other girls too, I think maybe you are hurting them." my tone changed to a more polite voice.

Mat looked appaled, and let go of Adrian and Ema, then went to grab Ana's. Adrian walked out of the room towards the basement shaking her wrist in her other hand.

"Stupid bloody faerie." I heard her mutter to herself.

The End

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