Kaiari: ......O.O.C.V.T. = Out Of Control Vampire Thirst

I sat up, feeling confused. Matthew hugged me, and I glanced round the room. Ema, Raven, Midnight and Adrian were there. I pushed Matthew away, closing my eyes, and shaking my head. "Uh oh. Guys, I think we better move...like, quick. Kaiari's got O.O.C.V.T.. Otherwise known as...." Matthew whispered

"Out of control vampire thirst." Raven finished. I felt strong arms grip my shoulders from behind. I opened my eyes. Matthew gave a shout, and leaned back slightly. I saw in his eyes that my own were glowing red. "Matthew, get the girls out of here." I heard a voice say from behind me. I locked my vision onto Ema. Matthew pulled her out of the room with Adrian and Midnight in tow, slamming the door behind them.One of the hands let go of my shoulder. I heard the lush tear of fleash, and the palm of the hand came back, covered in blood. I let out a whimper. My instincts told me to bite in, but I fought the urge. I lefted my hands slowly, and took the hand. I pressed it to my lips, and felt the warm, thick blood ooze down my throat. I didn't use my fangs, though my instincts told me to bite into his wrist.

Tears stung my eyes. I turned away, then kissed the hand till it healed. I turned slightly, looking into the eyes of Raven. I shook uncontrollably, and fell into his arms sobbing. He smelt the air. "Huh. Thought you would have gone strait for my wrist or turned to get my neck instead of my palm after seeing so much blood when you were like that." he said softly.

"I'm sorry, my friend. I shouldn't have done that." I cried, then pulling away from him. I tore at the door, opening it with out difficulty, maybe because I almost ripped it off its hinges, and I ran down the stairs, and into the basement. I sat in the darkest corner, and cried. Hidden from the world. I was a disgrace to vampire and werewolf kind. I should decide which to stay as, before I was exterminated. I ran from the basement, and through the window as a wolf. I ran and ran, towards the castle sitting in the middle of a lake, where my sister Luna would be waiting. 

The End

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