Matthew: That's It

Raven was still near Kaiari's neck. Grrrr. I stomped down the stairs, and shouted, "OI! KAIARI IS IN TROUBLE!!!!" at the top of my voice. Midnight whipped round from greeting a new guy who could be a freakin' samari. He could be a ballarina for all I cared. I found Adrian, and pulled her up the stairs, and into Kaiari's room.

I then went out, and brought Ema back with me. She was groaning at me, and when she saw Kaiari, she was less than impressed. "What happened this time?" she asked, with a hint of worry hiding her tired tone of voice. I snapped me. I clenched my fists, and ran out. I screamed, "KAIARI MIGHT GIVE UP HER UNDEAD LIFE IF YOU  DON'T GET YOUR FREAKIN' ASSES HERE NOW!" A girl's voice roared back at me.

"MIND YOUR LANGUAGE!" It shouted. I growled to myself, and went back to Kaiari's room, to find her sitting up, looking confused. I ran forward, and hugged her.

The End

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