Kyoshiro: Introduction

I am Kyoshiro. I have a medium build with a height of 5'4". My eyes are colored a shade of bark brown, and my hair is smokey brown. I have quite pale skin. I have been a vampire for about 3,631 years, a human for 29 years before that. Giving me a total age of 3,660.

I was one of the first vampires, and within the first thousand years, I learnt to control my thirst so much that I can wait almost a week between meals.

My general clothing style comes from Edo Japan. One can tell due to my large sword, and my dark brown kimono.

I, surprisingly, am still learning the vampire arts but have found such knowledge that I refuse to show or teach anyone.


I walk through the surrounding wilderness, the full moon high in the sky, glinting off of the dew sewn through the grass. I spot a mansion, grand and large. My last meal was three days ago, I can wait; but my tiring body cannot. For four days I have been escaping a rather persisten hunter, who believes me to be his quarry. I cannot kill him for reasons unknown, but I am a good evader.

Perhaps this mansion will give me good cover from the hunter. Would he think twice about killing me in a house full of witnessess? Most likely.

I walk towards the mansion, and I find a door. I enter, and am surprised to see what I see. Vampires everywhere.

The End

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