I smiled, and flew back to Kaiari's room. A crack in the door. I pushed on the door, but it was jammed. Not locked, but jammed tight. I pushed it open....finally....and saw Kaiari sprawled across her bed. Even though she was undead, she still kept  heartbeat going. I heard her breathing. It was heavy and unatural. Her heart beat was way too fast, and her temprature was enough to melt an icecube instantly.

"GUYS, GET YOUR UNDEAD BUTTS UP HERE NOW!!!!!! I screamed. I realized the door was jammed again. I heard an annoyed groan. A fist came through the door, and pulled the door open. He slid his arm out, and gave me the evils. "What is it, Butterfly Boy?" He snarled. I pointed to Kaiari.

He listened to her heart going in overdrive, listened to her hazy breathing, then pushed his hair back, and put his forehead to Kaiari's. He pulled away. "Why did you put your head on hers?" I asked.

Raven rubbed his forehed frowning. "Touching foreheads is better than touching it with your hand." he grumbled. He seemed angry about something. He shouted down the stairs, making me flinch. He was scary when he was angry. I sat, facing the wall. Out of the corner of my eye, I watched Raven kneel next to Kaiari, and put his face next to her neck. I couldn't tell what he was doing, but he wasn't biting her; my sense of smell was advanced by now, and I couldn't smell blood.

The End

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