Raven: Holy moley

I collapsed on my bed finally. It had all been such a rush ever since I'd come into this house and put my name down in that book. Humans, vampires and even a vampiric werewolf to boot. Oh and not to mention that weird vampire that never failed to freak out whenever i was around. What was her problem? She looked at me as if I was some sort of demon and I hardly knew her, hell I'd only just met her today. Closing my eyes I felt the blood rush to my cheeks as Kaiari's words echoed in my head, Ok I'll own up and say that i'd never really done much in the way of girls when I'd been alive and even worse still when I was a vampire. Jeez I needed to get my act together. Here I was drop dead gorgeous (excuse the pun!) with the looks of a teenager and yet I'd made no explorations into life.

"Damnit!" I cursed as I sat bolt upright. Why now? I wasn't sure whether to kiss or kill Kairari for setting off these emotions. Pacing in front of the fireplace in the room I tried to weigh up the pro's and con's of my options and to make matters worse they were both tied.  "Curse the mongrel that invented flirting" i shout as I smack my fist down onto the mantle of the fireplace and knock a chunk out. Sighing I resign myself to the confusion in my head and curl up on the bed for the night hoping the morning brings a bit more clarity.

The End

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