Adrian: My bad...

Midnight and I walked into the living room where a girl was standing, her red, curly hair in disaray, my guess is that she was sleeping. She was rubbing her temples and clutching a tooth in one hand. Everyone was in the living room now, even Liam, who stood behind Ema not really paying attention. I might just be insane but I think I am seeing a little bit of a blush on her pretty little face. Raven stood close behind me, his hand on the small of my back. Flirting so comes in handy sometimes.

"Whose tooth is this? And why is it giving a headache?" the girl said irritated.

Midnight leaned close to me "That's Imira."

I nodded and looked at the tooth she held, every was shaking their heads and looking at everyone else. "Can I see if for a sec?" noticing the unique shape. Imira handed me the tooth, "Sorry my bad its one of the power teeth  I carry around. Like that stone Liam gave Ana. Sorry, its just doing what its supposed to."

The End

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