Kaiari: Prowling

After Matthew gave me a few drops of blood, I had a shower, and got changed into a pretty light blue dress that covered my bare feet. It had thin straps, and I glanced in the mirror. I looked rather pretty. I smiled, brushed my hair, and exited my room. I crowched, and jumped up behind Ema, making her squeal. "Don't do that!" she said softly, then looked me up and down. "You look nice." she said. I smiled, and thanked her.

"I heard that Ana was better. I'm glad." I smiled to her. I glanced sideways, looking at the guy that Ema had been talking to. "I'm Kaiari Prideheart. I hope we can be friends." I said, and turned, and walked downstairs into the kitchen, to see a girl sat with Raven. I didn't really mind. Raven wasn't interested in me. I waved. She was the twin to the guy I had just met. I sighed, and tipped some water down my throat. I felt drained after being chased by the hunters. I sighed, and prowled round the house. I didn't feel very well. I felt quite ill. I put my hand to my forehead, and winced. It was very hot. I staggered up the stairs to my room. I tripped over my own feet, and hit my head on my own door. I shouted, and hit the door, making a crack in it. I sighed. I let myself in, and collapsed on my bed. I closed my eyes, and groaned.

The End

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