Matthew: Wink Wink!

I laughed as I flew with Ana out round the house. I put er back inside, and flew to Liam's balcony. "Hey. Sorry about growlin' and scowlin' earlier. I'm Matthew. And anyway, it seems someone has caught youe fancy. And Kaiari won't be happy when she gets back to here someone else is hitting on her flirt buddy." I laughed. Laim gave a sheepish grin.

" and Ana, huh?" he asked me. I blushed and shrugged. "I told her that I liked her, but I don't know if she feels the same. May I?" I asked him. He raised an eyebrow. I touched my fingers to his forehead, and closed my eyes. He gave a little gasp. I pulled away, and nodded. "They both have beautiful eyes, I agree. But try to keep Adrian at a distdance fom Raven. Kaiari can get really...well...let's just say you don't want to meet her at a full moon if she hasn't had some of my blood." I heard a knock. "Who is it?" called Liam.

"It's Ema." came a sweet tinkling voice. I smirked. I winked at Liam as he looked at me from his frozen position.  I brushed a leave off his shoulder, and pushed him towards the door. "The trick is not to tell her you like her, yet. You feel like a right idiot when you do. And hey, if you do tell her, keep this with you for after." I laughed softly, handing him a bottle of whiskey and blood. I flew out of the window, to see Kaiari returning.

"Uh oh." I whispered. I flew down, and covered her eyes. She squealed, and pushed the door open, keeping her hands out. I let go, and giggled. She waved. "I'm off to get changed. Those hunters...they sent me flying ito the freakin' mud." she giggled. I waved back as she went into her room. I exhaled, and flew to the kitchen. You guys? Kaiari's back. She had a little run in with the hunters." I told them. I heard a roar. "And I think she just got caught in the moonlight." Midnight giggled.

The End

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