Liam: Ema

Adrian stormed down the stairs, towards where that Midnight chick went. I was feeling kind of bad about being so rude to her, but I was too...too...I'm not really sure what I am feeling now. All that is running through my head it her--Ema.

    I found a hallway of rooms, and just walked down the hall aimlessly, and found a piece of paper stuck to the door marked 7,

Liam, have a shower, you reak. Then come explore.


I pulled the note off the door and entered, it was a nice room, real classy, and on the large bed was Adrian's clothes.

     After I had a shower and found some new clothes, a black, long sleeved dress shirt, and faded gray jeans, I was too confused still to try and go socialize with people. Even people of my own kind. So I just walked outside on to this small, but beautiful balcony that came off the room, and sat in a tanning chair, just relaxing.  Her name was still reeling in my mind, never, never, never in my life has a girl had this much of an effect on me as Ema did. This large thing swooped in front of the balcony holding a giggling girl, at first I thought it was her, and that she was with that fly-boy, but as they landed below I saw it was Ana.

Stop thinking about her!! I screamed mentally at myself, a second later the sound of a hesitant knock came from the door.

"Who is it?" I yelled, agitated.

"Its Ema." a sweet, nervous voice said.

I froze dead in my tracks.

The End

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