Adrian: Someone's got a new admirer!!

"Awe..." I said smiling at my brother after with girl black hair named Midnight, she seemed really nice. She looked really young too, kind of like a little girl I used to baby sit when I was human named Katherine, she was only around 10 back then.

Liam turned and kept walking, ignoring me. "What?"

"I think someone has got a little admirer." I elbowed him.

Liam just glared at me, "Stop that, Adrian. That girl in there almost died, and that Midnight chick just said that easily her twin could have died too if Ana had died. Grow up, please."

"Your such a drama queen sometimes!" I exclaimed, heading down the stairs and storming off towards the way that Midnight went. I could hear Liam storming up the stairs.

I went into a kitchen, and Midnight was standing there a bottle of rootbeer beside her.

"Mind if I join you?" I asked putting on a smile.

She smiled, "No, not at all."

I took a seat and she handed me a glass with little bats all over it. "Cute glasses," I muttered, she grinned. "Oh, I'm Adrian by the way."I stuck out my hand and she shook it, "and that grump who just went upstairs is my twin brother Liam."

"He seems nice." Midnight said trying to sound sincere.

"He can be, but I think that Ema girl kind of got to him." I took a quick swig of my glass of rootbeer, it was spiked with blood.

Ohmygawd! This girl is a genius! I thought as I slammed the rest of it.

  A larger guy walked into the room, he had black hair with awesome red highlights, and hazel eyes, he definatetly looked older than me, but he was kind of attractive.

No, no! No! Not again! No more guys! I screamed mentally to myself, but felt my body getting up and walk towards him.

My hand stuck out in front of me "Hi, I'm Adrian." I had a sweet, smile on my face and I was looking up from underneath my lashes.

He took my hand, and nodded, "Raven." he grabbed a wine bottle and went back the way he came to the living room.

"Raven's kind of taken...if you haven't already smelled the hint of wolf in the air...yeah one of the girls here is a cross-breed of vampire and werewolf. Sounds dangerous, but she's really nice."

I nodded, "I'll have to meet everyone so I can start remembering names."

"Well, the girl your brother just helped is Ana, her look-a-like is her twin Ema. The pixie thing is Mathew, he's in love with Ana. Kaiari is the wolf-vampire thing, and she and Raven are sort of together. Narissca was originally, Jessica and Narca, but then I think Imira combined the two to make Narissca."

"And you are the girl who loves rootbeer?"

She grinned and took a sip of her drink. "Pretty much."

I held up my glass "Well cheers to the Vampire Mansion, and all who reside in it. Vampire, wolf or pixie alike."

Midnight's glass tapped mine and we continued drinking and talking.

The End

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