Liam: Arrival.

After I lost the cops about an hour after I told Adrian to run I tried to track down her scent, once I found it I followed right to this big old house with a sign in the front that said Vampire Mansion.

Hmm....I thought to myself, debating whether to cross over to the property or not. A loud scream chose my decsion for me and I bolted across the yard and burst open the door.

There were a whole bunch of people crowded around this girl with brown hair the same way Adrian's was, and she was clutched in the arms of this weird little faerie thing. I pushed through a larger guy and dropped next to the girl, pushing her hair out of her face. I sighed the relief when I saw it wasn't the face of my sister. This girl even smelt human...

"What happened to her?" I asked no one in particular, but my eyes landed on another girl, clutching her fist to her mouth trying not to cry, with beautiful violet eyes, and hair just like the girl that was being held, and she was young at least 15 or 16.

Another set of twins....and this one is gorgeous...the thought kind of popped into my head, but I couldn't deny it was true. I gave my head a quick shake, and started taking a look at the limp girl in the winged things arms, he snarled at me and clutched the girl closer to him.

"I'm not going to hurt her okay..."I muttered calmly to the thing, and his grip loosened. "What's her name?"

The girl with Violet eyes spoke up "Ana." her voice was strong, but was immediately followed by a choked sob.

Pulling my eyes from the other girl, I turned to the faerie. "Can you move her to the couch?" I nodded over toward what looked like a really high class living room.

The faerie nodded and gently carried the girl to the couch. Ana was losing a lot of color, but there was no blood, I leaned towards her and put my face extremely close to hers.

"Watch it buddy." the faerie said threateningly.

"Shut up Mathew!" Ana's twin barked, coming to my side.

     Ana's lips where were discolored, or I guess more colored then I would guess they looked when she was consious, after opening her shut eyes, the pupils were fully dialated that you couldn't even see the color of her eyes. There was a sickly sweet smell coming that radiated out of her mouth.

"Your sister was poisioned."  I said gravely to Ana's twin. She started choking on more sobs and muttering something over and over again to herself. "There are two ways that this poision can be undone. One is to make her a vampire, because she is so not one already. And the other...well the other one would require a special stone. A stone that my sister has."

Ana's twin started sobbing even more now, and she wasn't trying to hide them.

"Here Liam." the extremely familiar voice said behind me, turning I saw Adrian and her black pendant flying at me. I caught it right before it would have hit me in the face. I broke off a corner of the stone, and looked at the pretty twin next to me.

"May I?" I asked reaching for her hand. She put her hand in mine, and I lifted it up to my mouth and cut her palm with on of my fangs. Then I did the same to the faerie guy. Whiping both of their blood on the stone, I put it into Ana's mouth. A moment later her eyes popped wide open, as she sat up and gasped, also swallowing the stone.  She looked kind of shocked, and her twin was crying harder and hugging her, the faerie guy was crying too, and just looking at her, Ana was looking right back at him.

I walked past Adrian who said "Nice job Liam. By the way do you know what you just did?"

"Tell me upstairs, please." I said handing her back the stone and walking up the stairs.

The End

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