Kaiari: Ahhhhh! New Blood!

I smiled a girl stood in the doorway, half soaking. I stood, and almost swore. She was in a right state. I smiled. "Hey there. Jeez! Is it raining out there?" I asked. I took the girll by the hand. "Come on, there'll be some clean clothes somewhere." I muttered. She gave a little smiled. I raided my drawers, and found some clean jeans and red top. I handed them to her, and she went into room 7.

"Oh em gee! Fresh blood, eh? I'm gonna go check on the two getting drunk downstairs." I giggled. I went down, and found Matthew laid on the stairs. "Uhh...something's up. Where's Ana?" he said sleepily. Come to think of it, Ema had been sat with us, but not Ana. I jumped over him, and carefully opened the door. I slid in, and gasped at Ana, slumped across the floor. I shouted out. "Matthew! Ema! You're gonna wanna see this!" Ema and Matthew came to the door. Well, Matthew staggered. "Ana!" he yelped, and dropped down beside her. Ema was down next to him. I heard mutterings. I left them to deal with Ana. I transformed into a wolf as I slid across the moonlight.

I pushed against door 1, and went in. Imira was laid in bed, staring at me now. I went over, and sat beside her. "It's me, Kaiari." I told her, showing her my pendant. She gave a nod. "Yeah. No wolf would show their neck to a vampire." She growled. I sighed.

"I came in to make sure you were ok. Ana's hurt, we think." I told her. I pressed my nose to her forehead, and went back to Ana and the others.

The End

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