Adrian: Arrival

Liam told me to run, I did. The cops were close on him, and he knew that he could out run them faster without me. I may be a vampire, but I'm not the fastest runner in the world. When I finally stopped running to catch my breath, I saw a sign that said Vampire Mansion, I couldn't tell whether it was a trick or not, but I didn't want to take any chances and I followed a trail until I found a the right building.

      My faded, skinny denim jeans were all soaked from running through mud, my ruby red tank top was only clean where my black leather jacket was had covered. I ran my fingers through my hair as I entered the house, it felt like a total mess, even I don't think this could pass as sexy messyness anymore.

Walking up to the large wooden desk I saw there was a Guest Book, there were already a lot of people here. They all had really cool names....Imira, Midnight, Narcissa, Ana, Ema, Raven, my name is really boring. I thought to myself as I signed,

Adrian, F and Liam, M

Right as I was about to turn away from the desk and look around my eye caught keys, the first 6 hooks were empty so I quickly grabbed #7 and climbed the stairs up to where I guessed the rooms were. As I passed the rooms I listened intently for any signs of anyone else being in the house. Whether hunter or vampire, but all I could smell was vampire...wolf...and something else that was new to me, but it didn't seem threathening.  Room 1 sounded like someone was muttering to themselves, so I didn't bother knocking. None of the other rooms showed to have any life until I reached #6 there was a lot of laughter coming from that room...biting my bottom lip, I knocked on the door.

"Hello?" I said trying to sound at least a little less nervous, and pushed the door open to find 3 females and a male sitting around the room, wine bottles cluttering the floor, and large glasses in each of their hands. They all looked at me as I came into their view.

The End

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