My name is Liam, I am humanly 17 years old, as a vampire I am, I believe around 25 years old (if still human), so I am only 8 in vamp years. I'm just a baby vampire compared to some.  I have short, shaggy dark brown colored hair, and aqua colored eyes. I'm about 6'0 feet tall, and more muscular now than I have ever been. Running for as long as we have can do that to you. Adrian is my twin sister (I'm the older one, by 3 mintues). My story is boring I guess to other vampires who might have had a more extravagant way of being turned. In high-school I started dating this really hot girl named Casey, she was tall, slim, pale, long curly blond hair, and big black eyes, anyways...long story short, we had her over for dinner one night, my sister cut herself cutting some carrots, the blood hit my "girlfriend's" senses and she attacked Adrian, killed my parents and barely left both of my sister and I alive. We have been running from the cops ever since, they seem to think that Casey and I killed my parents and just randomly left my sister alive. 

      I guess I've kind of shunned away from people, but usually I am quite friendly, raised old fashiondely so definately gentlemanly, and out-spoken for sure! I like cars-what guy doesn't? And I'm not really afraid to start a fight if one of the rare people that I actually like is in danger.


Adrian, that is my name, I wish it was different because everyone always thinks my twin brother and I are not boy-girl twins, but boy-boys twins. I'm 17 years old in human years, and if I still was I would be 25.  I am 5'7 with long, flowing waves of chocolate brown hair that reaches to the middle of my back, with crystal clear blue eyes.

How many vampires really know how they were changed? I'm not sure, all I know is that I know. Her name was Casey, she had been dating my brother for a while, I cut myself on a knife one night when she was over for dinner, next thing I knew her eyes were crimson red, and everything went black. Woke up a few hours later, and Casey was rushing Liam and I out of the house.  Just to add in...Casey was killed about 3 years ago--vampire hunters.

    I've always liked the night, so I guess being a vampire fits, I've only killed one person, and it was a total accident! I've gotten my hunger more under control now thankfully. I'm shy at times(rarely), but when I really care about something I never shut up. According to my brother I am a pathological flirt just like my dad was, after a few years I just stopped denying it. Flirting comes in handy when you want to drink from someone. I LOVE swimming, can't get enough of it. I hate, hate, hate spiders, and self centered people.

The End

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