Ana: Should.

I went to my room and sat on the bed, clutching the small petal.

Longing for you, always waiting...

I read it over and over, a smile playing on my lips. I was a bit suprised when Matthew told me he loved me, but then again I wasn't really suprised. I knew he felt that way, and I guess I feel the same way to. I just didn't have a  name for the emotion I was feeling till now.

I reached under my bed, pulling out a faded sheet of paper. Carfully I folded it into a pocket, to keep the petal in. I laid on my bed, thinking off everything that happend over the last few days.

I must have fallen asleep. Sleeply I look down at my arm, rubbing a small mark on it. I don't know what it is, just that the hunters gave it to me. I havent shown anyone it yet, but maybe I should,  it's starting to burn. Yes, I should.

 It may be dangerous.

Ana stood to find Ema or Matthew, and show them the mark. Just before she reaches for the door handle, Ana falls to the floor, unconscious.

The End

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