Matthew: Longing For You

I flew about with Ana for a bit. She still had the red rose in one hand. I smiled at this. I had to tell her. Properly. I flew to the highest point inside the house a beautiful gold nd red room. I was quite small. It had a sofa, a table, and a little fireplace. We landed inside, and Ana sat down on the sofa. I sat next to her.

"Ana? I need to you." I stuttered. She giggled, and nodded. I blushed. Great. Now was the time for me to act the loveable  fool. Not. I sighed, and tooked her hands in mine.

"Ana, your sister still doesn't trust me, and doesn't really want me near you, even though I saved you from those morons. But I can't stay away from you. I love you. But I can't tell anyone else. Only Kaiari knows, and that's because the way I act. She's in love with Raven. She is obsessed with his blood, and she is uncontrollably in love with him. I am in love with you. I am obsessed with your smile, and I can't stop thinking about you." I said hurriedly and anxiously. I gasped for breath, and groaned slightly, putting my head in my hands. "I'm such a moron." I said softly. I flew out of the room, and down the stairs, into the kitchen. Raven was sat on a chair, staring at a little drop of red on his palm. I raided the cupboard, finding some whiskey. I poured out to glasses, and poured some blood into one. I slumped into a chair beside Raven, handing him the drink.

He took it, and gave a groan. The drop of blood from his palm dripped into the glass. He groaned again. "That about sums it up. Love sucks. You feel like an idiot when you tell a girl, and you feel like an idiot when the girl tells you." I sighed.

"I'll drink to that." mumbled Raven. We tapped the glasses together, and drank. I drained the glass, and opened the window. I stretched, and saw a hunter. "Awww, take a hike!" I growled at him, and threw the glass out of the window. Shatter, thump. Raven turned, and raised an eyebrow. I pointed out the window. "Bloody hunters." He muttered. I walked out of the room, to see Ema and Ana at the top of the stairs.

"Aww crud." I muttered. I jumped into the air, and as I did a ircet round the room, I swooped over Ana's head, and dropped a little note, wrote on a flower petal.

Longing for you, always waiting...

The End

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