Matthew: No...

I woke as Ema slapped me round my face, crying. I sat up. "You stole her! You let them take her!" she sobbed angrily. She broke down, and sunk to the floor I dived out of bed, and held her in my arms. "Shhhh. Tell me what happened. I've been in bed asleep since I brought Ana back from out flight."

She looked at me confused, the angry, then relief. She realize that I hadn't done anything. She told me how she hd woke, to find the white rose crown on the floor, and Ana gone. Tears stung my eyes. ", no no no NO!!!" I screamed, clutching my hair. Kaiari ran in to the twins' room, them into ours. She skidded, knelt, and held me to her. "She's gone! She's gone!" I cried.

Kaiari shushed me. She pulled my face up to look into her eyes. "You're the only one who can exit te house while I'm not a wolf. You're...the only one who can save her." She whispered. I gave  nod. Hesitantly, Ema wrapped her arms round me, in a hug.

"Bring her back. Please. Explain to the hunter, bribe them, do anything!" She cried.

"Believe you me, Ema, I will kill the to get her back. One question. is there a red rose in this room?" I said. Ema shook her head confused. I gave a little smile. She had held onto the red rose. I stood, took Ema's hand, and held it between my own. She ran her finger over one of my wings. I let go of her haand, and flew out.

"Ana!!!! ANA!!!!" I shouted, weaving my way between the trees. A scream ran out. "ANA?!?!" I cried out. Not far away, a cry. "Matthew! Ema? Help! MATTHEW!!" As she shouted my name the second time, she drew it out, making it last. I flew towards her voice. I landed in front of a group of hunters. "Let the human go." I said softly.

"Huh?" snorted one of the hunters. They sniffed the air. "Hm. No vampire. This girl is humaan, but what is he?!" I gave a small smile. They were holding Ana by her arms and legs. In one hand, she clutched the red rose. They dropped her unkindly. She scrambled up. I held her close. "It doesn't matter what I am. And if you have the right sense in you, you'd leave. Now." I said dangerously. One hunter came forward. I put Ana behind me. She gulped. The hunter grabbed my shoulder. "Hehe, what ya gonna do about it? You've got a pretty friend. Let me..." He laughed.

I twisted him round, so one hand was round his neck, the other on his chest. Ana gasped slightly. "You lay...a single finger...on this girl, or any of my'll end up like this dude will if he touches Ana once more." I growled. I pushed him away. I could smell alchol on this guy's breath. He stagged, and grabbed Ana. I grabbed hold of him, and twisted his neck. we all head it crack. I let him drop. "He's not dead. He'll wake up in about an hour." I said. I held onto Ana, and she wrapped her arms round me. I lifted us into the air, and flew slowly back to the Mansion.

I landed on the roof. Tears rolled down my cheeks. "Hey, hey! Why are you crying! I'm the one who was just kidnapped!" Ana gave a little laugh. I looked at her through a blurry veil of tears. I touched her cheek lightly. "I was scared...of losing you." I whispered. She gave a little laugh, and shook her head. She frowned, and looked down at the red rose still clutched in her hand. She looked up at me, then the rose again. I could see the wheels turning, adding things up. Her jaw dropped slightly, and I giggled. I took hold of her waist, and we flew through the twins' window. Ema ran in. I placed Ana down, and her sister practically choked her. They giggled, and let go of each other. I left the room in silence.

"Where you going?" cried Ana. I folded my wings down. "I'm staying away. Like you're sister told me to." I whispered to her. Ema rolled her eyes, and launched herself on me, thanking me. Ana they flung herself onto me. I laughed, and swung them around. I waved, and left thier room. Ana followed me. I hugged her, and gave her a peck on the lips. I  pressed my finger to my lips. "Shh." I whispered. She smiled, dumb-founded. She went back into her room, smiling. I went to Kaiari's room. I laid down, and smiled to myself. Kaiari came in, and sighed. She tucked the duvet around me, and left, turning the light off. I notice my skin glowed a soft golden glow in the dark. I sighed, and fell to sleep once more, thinking of Ana.  

The End

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