Ana and Ema: The Kiddnaping

I had been dreaming of Matthew when I woke to the sound of someone one the balconie. Strange, I thought. Matthew had just said good night to me, so I wondered why he would be back. Realuctantly,I streached, then walked outside. No one was there. I stood out side for a moment, watching the moon light flitter through the trees. I truly thought I had heard something.

     I was enjoying the sweet, rose sented breeze, when I herd the soft click of a twig breaking. I turned quickly, yet again no one was there.

"Hello?" I said, my voice rining in the cool air. Fear swelled in my stomach. I started to go back to my room, but I was ruffly grabbed from behinde, a scratchy bandana covering my mouth.

A few more men jumped onto the balconie, as swift and silent as foxes. They were probaly just as sly as a fox too.

"We've been waiting for you." The man holding me said. He told a one of the men to bind my writs and ankles, then instucted them to take me back to camp.

"No biting."  He said.

They must think I'm Ema, I realised.

My crown of roses fell to the ground as they draged me off into the night.


I woke up suddenly, suprised, as I ussaly don't sleep. Something wasn't right.

"Ana?" I said, but hearing no reasponse, I looked down below, but she wasn't in bed.

I walked into the hall, then back into my room. The door to the balconie was open, and before I even steped out side I could smell the bitter sent of vampire hunters. I was suddenly full of fear, trying to figure out how they traked me here, and where they were taking Ana. I then remebered something. Mattew used to be a vampire hunter. Rage filled me, as I was sure he had something to do with it. Fumming, tears streaming, I ran into the next room and slapped the sleeping Mathew across the face.

"You!" I screamed, ignoring the confused look on his face.

The End

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