Kaiari and Matthew: Love Sick Fool


I walked back down the stairs, shaking my head. I was careful not to stand in the moonlight. I smiled. Raven saw me enter. "Ok, a deal's a deal, Raven. You said I could have some blood if you had some of mine." I smiled.

"You have a good memory. And you're still flirtatious." He laughed. I pulled up a chair, and wrapped my arms round his neck, and lened my head on his shoulder. He bit in. I felt his arms travel up my back and he drank, holding me closer. I winced. "Ugh...Ra..ven! You're going a little overboard!" I said. He took a few more gulps, and pulled away reluctantly and slowly. He sighed, and let go of me. He licked the bitemarks, stopping them bleeding. Vampire venom can heal. I smiled. I pulled him close, then bit. "Mmm." I murmured, my mouth full of blood. I stopped, and heled it up. Raven sat back, frowning.

"You read my memories." He said softly. I nodded, dumb-founded. Raven was the one who had bitten me. He had laid me to rest in an abandoned house, knowing we would meet again. "Heh. You not gonna go running and screaming?" he asked. I shook my head. His mind had covered something. Why had he bitten me? Why ad he left? What was I to him. Ugh, and I called Matthew love sick.



I heard the girls talking, then leave thier room. Ema didn't trust me. Why though? I shook the thought away. Kaiari's room had no window. I walked out silently, nd flew round so I sat on Ema and Ana's balcony. Their curtins were closed, but I could see the empty bunk beds, and the white rose laying on the side. The girls came in a little later. Ema climbed up, and na climbed into the bottom bunk. She sighed. Ema peered over the side. Ana was staring at the rose. I smiled. I flew a bit away, and sat on a hedge. I began making a crown of white roses. I smiled once I had finished. I made sure not a thorn was on any. Something caught my eye. A single red rose on a white rose bush. Strange. I picked the red rose, and smiled. I went to another window, and grabbed some guy's clothes from inside. Faded jeans, black top. Nice. I picked up the rose crown and the single red rose, and flew back to the girls' window. I peeked in. Ema was asleep. I tapped lightly on the glass. Ana rubbed her eyes, and peeked out. Her eyes opened wide. She pulled open the door, and stepped out. She closed the door softly. She shivered. I wrapped the white dressing gown I had picked up around her.

I placed the rose crown on her head, keeping the red rose hidden. I placed it on the edge, out of the wind, not being seen. I bowed slightly. "Shall we?" I asked. She smiled. I stepped onto the side, and into the air. She giggled. I wrapped my arms round her waist, and lifted her into the air. We flew out, away from the Vampire Masion. It couldn't hold us. We were not vampires, yet I had heard that the house hadn't let Ana out before. We ducked down, and skimmed over a lake. She giggled as she ran her fingers through the cool water. She looked back, and smiled at me. I smiled back, but felt heat come to my cheeks. I took her back to her room. Her sister was stood on the balcony, arms folded, scowling as we landed. "Ana, what is wrong with you?! You could have been hurt! He could have dropped you! You are fraagile, you are human! Stay away from him!" she snarled. I reeled back slightly. Ema went back inside.

"Huh. Sorry." I muttered. She smiled, and shook her head. She touched the flower crown on her head. A few petals had come off, but that was it. I pulled out the red rose subtly. "I might not be human, and I might not be a vampire, but I ain't gonna let your sister keep me away from you. You're my best friend in this house. Even though we barely know eachother." I chuckled. I pressed the red rose into her hands. She held it to her chest. I gave her a quite kiss on the forehead, and let myself fall. I soared back through the window where I had come, and smiled.

I went downstairs, and grinned. Kaiari raised a delicate eyebrow. "Ema doesn't like me much. She's scary when she's angry." I giggled, and flew up to Kaiari's room. Kai never sleeps. Some vampires do. She doesn't. I thought to myself. I touched my hand to the wall. "Goodnight and sweet dreams, Ana." I whispered. I closed my eyes, and smiled, and I heard a tiny voice whisper back, "Goodnight, Matthew." I sighed. Kaiari was right. I snuggled down into the covers, careful of my wings. You really are a love sick fool, Matthew.

The End

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