Matthew: Symbol Of Friendship

I placed Ama down, and flew round laughed. I flew straight into Kaiari's room. I landed on the bed, breathing heavily. Kaiari came in. "Woah, that Ama is cute with a capital C!" I puffed to her. She hit me with her paw. I fell off the bed. I blew my hair away.

"I guess I can't help you, you love sick butterfly moron." She giggled. I frowned at her. "Just because I think she's cute, doesn't mean I'm love sick you hopeless romantic." I giggled back her. She rolled her eyes, and walked out. I sighed.

I flew out of the room, and saw the Ama. I flew down quietly, and put my hands over her eyes. "Guess who?" I said in a musical voice. She giggled, turned, and hugged me. I landed, and hugged her back. She was so warm. She let go. "Thanks for the flight." She giggled.

I leaned my head on her shoulder, and whispered in her ear, "Get ready!". I wrapped my arms round her waist, and lifted her off her feet. She giggled, and spread her arms out. We flew round the house, laughing together. I soared out of an opened window, and into the sigh. Ama gasped, and shouted out to the world. We  dived. I put one arm out, and grabbed something that caught something from a bush. We flew back in through with window, and I landed her outside her bedroom door.

"I'm gonna get some sleep now. It symbolizes true friendship." I whispered, and handed her a white rose. She smiled. I turned, and walked into Kaiari's room, I pulled a spare blanket out, and laid on the floor with it. I laid on my side, and stare into the darkness under the bed. The wall that hid the twins from me.

The End

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