Kaiari: What the...

I went back to Matthew. He was sat, and looked over at me. He laughed, and walked over. He showed me his regular human teeth. "What the.." I whispered. No scratches, no bites. Nothing, except....he had changed age. He looked 15 now. And on his back were a pair of wings, folded down against his back. He laughed, and took off. He zoomed around, laughing.

He swooped up the stairs, and knocked on the twins door. He hovered just above the door frame. The hman twin opened the door, and looked out. Matthew grabbed er under her arms, and flew round with her. She let out a scream, then a little laugh. He held her in front of him. "I'm not a vampire, or a werewolf! I'm a....pixie thing!" he cried out. He placed her down.

She seemed relieved her wasn't a vampire. He picked her up, and droped her off back in her room. I shook my head. "Get back down here, Peter Pan." I smiled. He flew down, and with amazing strengtth, picked me up, and flew into the kitchen with me. He plced me down, then waggled his toungue at Raven. Raven stood, and tried to jump and catc hold of him, but he lughed, and flew out. Raven rolled his eyes, and sat down again.

The End

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