Kaiari: Sorry

I gave a sort of giggle when Raven pated my head, and Narcissa thought this was weird. I gave a wolfy grin at her. Raven rubbed the top of my head, nd he knelt down. I put my nose to hiis cheek, then walked of, flicking my strangely long tail under his chin. "Oh brother. Flirtin in wolf form." I herd someone giggle. I nudged open a window, and stuck my head out. "That's impossible. She can get out the house in her wolf form." Raven whispered. I whimpered, and jumped out of the window. I ran, until I found a vampire hunter. He was not paying attention to his work. He didn't want to do his work. I trotted up to him, and sat. He knelt down. His name Matthew. "Heya Kaiari." He whispered, stroking my fur. Itugged at his clothes. He took off all his weapons. He put his hand on my head, and I guided him to the Vampire Mansion.

Matthew and I had met five years ago, in school. he and I had left after I told him about my being a vampire. He was with me the night I was turned into a werewolf as well. He had often say in a cave with me at my transformation, or let a little of his blood spill for me. I led him in through the window. He huffed, and his reddish hair fell over his face. I helped him through, and he stared t me with his big brown eyes. I touched my nose to his, and led him down the stairs to Raven. We were alone in the kitchen. Raven sniffed the air. " A hunter." he whispered. I whimpered. Matthew gulped, and sat down. I laid my body across his knees, and looked up at Raven.

"A friend of yours?" he asked. I nodded. One of the twis came running in. The human one. "Not another vampire?!" she exclaimed. I shook my head. "Human." I said softly. She came forward, and looked as if she could hug him. I grinned my wolfy grin. I led Matthew to the main desk.  "Hey, when I'm in this form, or the other, I could change you into different creatures. Do you want to...become one of us?" I asked him. He knelt down.

A scratch  is for werewolf, bite for vampire, yeah?" he asked. I gave a little nod. He laid down, flaat on his side, and moved his hair away. He closed his eye. I leaned over him, and touched his neck with my nose. I opened my jaw causiously, and bit. As I began to rink, and put some venom into his system, I changed back to my humanistic form. I healed him, and left him to lay there. I gave him a few scratches, and went back to the kitchen.  "Where's the human?" asked Raven. I turned bck into a wolf. Blood streaked my muzzle. "Sorry. My old friend, his decsision, my bite." I giggled.

The End

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