Kaiari: Oh h-e-double chop stick!

I sat laughing with Raven, then stopped. I ran to the window. A secret of mine was bout to be revealed if I couldn't hide. I gulped. "I'm sorry Raven. I have to go! Now!" I said, then ran up the stairs, and opened my room with the key. I locked the door, and threw the key on the bed.

I staggered, and stuffed the thin piece of wood I kept in my pocket into my mouth, clenching my teeth on it. Through it, I muttered, "Oh h-e-double chop stick." My whole body began to shake, and pain waved through me. I dropped the wood out of my mouth, and screamed. Thuds came closer and closer. Someone banged the door. I was Raven and the twins. "Kaiari? KAIARI?!" Raven yelled. I screamed again. Ama and Ema shouted out in unision. "Kaiari? What's going on?" The banging on the door continued. I rattling started. Someone was trying to trick the lock. I arched back, into the rays of the moonlight. Great. All was silent. The door creaked open, and one of the twins screamed.

I pushed myself to my paws. The transormation would last for a week, day and night. I noticed I had blood on my muzzle. Ugh, Raven's blood. I had missed a drop. I tried to lick it,  and tripped over trying to get it. Raven shook his head. "For a wolf this thing is pretty stupid to harm Kaiari, and even more stupid to be in  house of vampires." he said to the twins. I growled at  him, and padded forward. I laid my head on his foot. He dropped down, and put a finger to the blood on my muzzle. He sniffed it. "Mine? But how?" he whispered. I placed a paw on his arm, and showed him picture of when I had taken some of his blood. "A vampire werewolf. Impossible. I opened my mouth, and words came out.

"Ovbiously not impossible, Raven. Anyway, gimme that drop of blood back. Your blood is freaking yummy." I said, giving a husky laugh. I padded over to the mirror, and saw a black wolf staring back. I growled, and whimpered. "How are you going to tell me between any other black wolf?" I asked them. Raven tilted his head. on my bed with the key, lay a gleaming white fang on a piece of leather. I knelt, and tied it round my neck. I nudged them out of the room. I began to fight the wolf, bringing it back inside of me. I eventually worked when I pulled the curtains closed with my teeth. I opened the door, staying in the shadows, and walked back down. Then, I transformed back on the steps.

"Crud." I thought. I trotted into the kitchen to see Raven.  He checked the fang round my neck, and patted my head lightly, I tried to climb back onto my chair, but not very sucessfully. I fell off for the 5th time, and Raven gave a laugh. I leaned my head on his knee for a moment, then grabbed a pouch of blood with my teeth. I ripped it open, and lapped in up from a bowl that Raven pushed towards me. I sighed. "It might not taste good, but at least it calms the blood lust a bit." I grumbled. Raven laughed. "Hey, when your relatively human again, you can have a gulp from me if I can have a few from you." I roled my eyes, and curled up next to  is feet.

The End

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