Midnight: Talking to Imira

After Kaiari entered and started flirting with Raven I left to go check on Imira. I approached her room then knocked and opened the door.

"Knock knock." I said as I walked in. Imira sat up and turned to me and gave me a faint smile. "Can I come in?" She nodded and I when and sat next to her. "May I ask what's wrong?"

"It's-- It's Raven." She said after a long silence "I just can't go near him." she closed her eyes and I saw one tear fall but she quickly wiped it away. I understood completly. It would scare me to be near the person who had bit me. I put my arm around her shoulders and gave her a squeeze.

"There's a new vamp down stairs if you want to meet her." I said unsure if changing the subject would help or not. "Her name's Kaiari. Her and Raven are just having a little chat down there." She laid back down and I stood up. "I'll be in the front room if you need anything." I said before leaving.

The End

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