Kaiari:Blood Lust

I wrapped my palm round my throat. "Ugh..." I mutered. Rav en asked what ws wrong. I sighed. "This blood, that isn't even warm, doesn't satisfy my blood lust. It annoys me." I said softly, swirling the blood in my cup. Raven shrugged. "Its better than nothing, but I could kill for some wrm blood right about now." he sighed. 

I walked over to him, sat on a chair beside him, and pulled my hair out of the way. "If your hungry, you could have a little of mine if you like." I told him. He bit his lip, then swore. I giggled, "Note to self, Raven is  vampire who bites his lip when he's thinking. Not a good combo." Raven gave a smile. I leaned towards him, exposing my neck.

"You sure your ok with this?" he asked. I gave a smile, then a nod. Raven gripped my shoulders, and bit in. A  few drops dripped onto the kitchen floor. Raven pulled away, and I could feel his fangs slide out of my neck. I dabbed the rest of blood away, and healed my neck. Raven licked his lips, and the red tint in his eyes grew redder. "Mmmm, you were right. Your blood is unique, and it tastes pretty darn great." he whispered. I giggled.

"I take that as a compliment." I said softly.  burn seared in my throat. "Uh, Raven? May I...?" I asked hopefully. He rolled his eyes, and gave a little smile. "I suppose, since you gave me some of yours." He said. I leaned over, put a arm round the front of his neck, holding him still. I bit slowly and carefully. I took a few gulps, savouring the warm liquid as it ran down my throat. I kissed the bite, heling it. Raven put a finger to the bite. "How did you heal it?" he asked. I shrugged, and smiled.

"I have a few powers. I can heal people with a kiss on their wound, I can persueade them easily, and I can help them to relax." I told him. "No biggie." Raven smiled, then tilted his head. "How do you help themm relax?" he said curiously. I giggled.

"I use aromatherapy, or this." I said. I stood behind his, and placed my hands on his shoulders. I found his shoulder blades, and began to rub just behind them, them traveled up to his temples, and massaged them. Raven let out a long sigh. I giggled, and sat back down. "See? told you I can make you relax." I smiled. He grinned, and blushed slightly.

"Awww, did I make the bad boy blush? You cn beat twenty hunters at a go, yet you can't even defend yourself against my flirting." I giggled. Raven gave an embarresed grin, then put his hands over his cheeks, hidinng his blush. I smiled. Rven pointed out that I had some blood on my lips. "I begaan to wallk away, then turned. I winked at him, and blew him a kiss. I licked to blood away, and went to find the human. She seemed destressed.   I thought again. Maybe I should cook some human food for her. I went back into the kitchen, and rided the cupboards. I pulled out some fruit, sugar and a pretty bowl. I chopped some of the fruit up, and put it in the bowl. I sprinkled it with sugar, then turned. Raven was staring. "Why are you making human food?" he asked.

"For the human twin." I answered. I carried the bowl out of the kitchen, and up to the twin's room. I knocked. One of the twins opened the door. I gave a suble sniff, and the twin at the door was the human. "I brought you some food. Since the vampire and the blood seem to disgust you, I thought you might like something fresh." I said softly. I handed her the bowl. she took it rather suspiciously, then gave me a nod. She closed the door. I heard her say to her twin, "Is anything strange about this food? Blood, poison, you know?"

"That's just regular fruit salad. Who made you it?"

"That woman who came in last who we met. She flirts a bit."

"Oh! Kaiari? Yeah she's nice like that. Bit strange she's being so nice to you. It's coz she feels for you, being trapped in a house full of vampires."

"Yeah, probably." I heard  a soft crunch. "Mmm. This is pretty good!" I heard her exclaim. I went back downstairs, into the kitchen. 

The End

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