Mystic: Information

Hey, my name's Clarissa. I have been a vampire for about 145 years now. I was changed in the late 1800s. All I know is that I was in a church and it was set on fire, and I'm assuming that I was burned. It sucks knowing little to nothing. I have brown hair that falls to my chest in elegant curls. I have eyes the color of dark chocolate, and skin that is pale, but has a faint golden glow like it did when I was human all those years ago. I have the gift of forsight. I do not know who changed me, but odds are they're probably dead or in a place not wanting to be found. I have a pretty clean record. I've only killed 7 or 8 humans since I've been changed. I'm from New York, and I'm planning to enroll in some random high school. Fitting in, you know? Since I've been around for a while, I don't have to drink as much. I hunt about once or twice a week. It usually depends on my mood. I would like to know who changed me, and why they did it. I don't mind this life, but sometimes thoughts pass through my mind that I can't push away. I have pretended to be 17 for a while now, and I will probably have to start over soon.

The End

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