Kaiari: Arrival

I jumped down, and read the plaque. Vampire Masion. Nice. I pushed opened the door, and walked in. I walked up to the desk, and wrote my name down. A key appeared, with the number 6 on. I pocketed it, and smiled. I walked into a room, to see a vamp girl and..."Hey there. Ain't you the guy giving the hunters so much grief, apart from moi?" I asked, tapping his shoulder. He gave a fanged grin. I sat with the human and the girls.

"Hi! I'm Kaiari Pagana Prideheart." I told them. The human reeled away from me slightly. I sighed. Oh well. I pulled a chair round. I smelt the air. "Mmmm mmm, someone in this room either has A-, or has a bottle in thier hand of it." I smiled. The  girl licked her lips. The guy, Raven, asked me my blood type.

"I may be the only blood type of my kind. I'm a mix of A- and O+. Natural mix. Wasn't injected or anything, born with mixed blood. The only different now is that my blood is thicker. Since I'm a vampire and all."  I told him proudly. Raven sniffed the air. "Nice." he said.

"Hehe, wanna taste?" I giggled. Raven raised an eyebrow. I shrugged. "Sorry. I flirt a lot. It's in my nature." I smiled. This was gonna be fun and funny. 

The End

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