Midnight: Confusion

I watched as Imira ran out of the room then found myself alone with the new vamp. Still leaning on my chair I looked over at Raven.

"So..." I began "Sorry about that. Ana's just not really comfrontable around vampires. Even us but she's starting to get used to it." I grabbed myself a bottle of blood then sat back down and took a drink. "What got into Imira I'm not quite sure. She's usualy very nice to the new vampires."

"It's okay. I've gotten used to it."

"Really?" I asked cause I sure haven't and I've been a vampire for a really long time. Raven nodded "Wow." I said "Well you've only met three of the people here. There are two more and I think they're still upstairs so I don't know if you want to meet them or not but I'm sure they'll pop down here sometime if you don't want to meet them yet." I took another drink of the bottle

The End

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