Raven: Settling in

From what I'd seen of the house so far it was as posh as i had seen from the outside and the kitchen was no less decorative. I knew that i was not alone but i wasnt expecting to meet my fellow residents so soon. There were three girls in there and judging from the scent one of them was human,

"Evening ladies. Any blood? I''m parched. Some pesky hunters have been chasing me since sunday"

"On the wine rack" came the reply though it sounded as though there was a little resentment in there as well. 

"Not to fond of vampires are we?" i asked  but got no reply as she left. One of the girls introduced them all including the one that left. 

I stylishly twisted the chair and sat down when all of a sudden the one named as Imira darted from her chair screaming. Surprised i turned and followed her retreat before turning back and swigging the blood.

(OOC- Element i am indeed a male...sorry for not making it clear)

The End

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