Imira:I Know This Is The Kitchen, But Where Did You Come From?

'Not now. I don't know enough yet.' Ana was staring out the window as she said this. Me and Midnight were sat at the table. I got up to see if the was anything in the fridge that we could all drink. I found some sparkling lime, and half the chocolate fudge cake. Putting these on the table I then got three glasses out. I gave a glass to Ana and Midnight. I was glad that as a vampire you didn't lose your taste for everything but blood, like some of the books said. Then someone walked in. I could sense it was a vampire, but I didn't recognise their smell. I turned to see a man, about twenty, with red streaks in his black hair. Ugh. If there's two colour's I hate together, it's black and red.

'Hey. Who are you?' he says.

'Who are you?' I reply. Well, we were here first.

'Raven. Those hunters have been chasing me since Sunday. Got any blood?'

I said 'It's in the bottles on the wine rack,' while Ana muttered 'Oh, perfect. Another one.'

Raven heard this. 'You don't like me?' he said.

'I don't like vampires. Well, I like the ones I know.' Ana replied.

Oh great, I thought. We just got off that subject.

The End

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