Raven: Arrival

Humans! I swear they'll be the death of me one day. Looking down to the woodland floor from my perch in the tree I watch as the band of hopeless hunters blunder about underneath me. Part of me is tempted to just drop from this branch and slice them all just to end this ridiculous game of theirs but the other half of me reminds me that they are people, just like I used to be. Sighing to myself I wait till they have vanished out of my sharp earshot and then move, still keeping to the trees. Finally I feel safe enough to go to ground level where I don't need to worry about where I'm putting my feet. Resting briefly against a tree I find myself overlooking a clearing and watch as the sky turns into its multi-coloured light show as the sun sets. Finally another advantage, those humans will need torches to see their way round so I'll have even more warning of their arrival.

Pushing off from the tree I'm about to start running when the breeze gets up slightly and a familiar scent wafts my way. [i]Vampire? Surely not[/i]. Curiosity aroused I follow the direction of the scent and soon find myself on a path and at the end is a large looking mansion.

"whoever lives here must be loaded" I say to myself as I approach but then a sign catches my eye. Written in a variety of languages are the words 'Vampire Mansion'. Looking at the sky I watch it clear of clouds and realise its going to be a cold one. I think I'd rather be the victim of whoever's joke this is than suffer out here so i slowly open the door the the house and peer round inside. The lights are on so someone's in and there's another sign pointing to the desk in front of me. Looking at the book on there I read the names, so I'm not the only one here. Oh well, its only for the night. I sign my name and hear the clunk of a key hit the floor at my feet bearing the number 5 on the key ring. Well, now I'm signed in I think I'd better look for some blood, those pesky hunters have chased me for the best part of a week and its due time I fed. On a random hunch I head for the kitchen while pocketing my key.

The End

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