Raven: Information

Raven. That's me. Don't ask me why but it's just a name my sire gave me before he disappeared out of my life. I remember my real name from before i was bitten but he told me that under no circumstance should i tell anyone about it lest they mean me harm. But anyway a brief once over of me.

I'm 20 years old or at least i was when i was bitten and that was the best part of 60 years ago. I was the youngest of six kids from a coal mining family in the north of England and i'd been out playing with my mates when a stray bomb from a German bomber found its way not far from where i'd been walking. Needless to say that if i'd been any closer I wouldn't be writing this. I was rushed to a hospital but put to one side as a lost cause until, just as I was on my way out this guy dressed as a doctor bit me.

Next thing I know i was looking in a mirror and my blonde hair had been dyed black and my hazel eyes now had the slightest tinge of red to them. And since then i've been the same except I've just surrendered to the urge of putting blood red highlights in my hair. You only live once right? *evil grin* 

The End

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