Imira:Girls Of The Vampire Mansion

I was lying on my mattress, thinking about my life before I was bitten- not something I do often, I usually try to forget my past- when Ema burst through the door.

'What is it, go away, I have a headache,' I mumbled incoherently.

'Come on, I'm introducing everyone to my sister,' she said brightly. I allowed myself to be dragged to room three (why does everything happen in Narcissa's room?) and sat on a rainbow sofa I was sure hadn't been there before.

'Ok, Ana this is Imira,' she said pointing at me. I waved. Then pointing at the other two she said, 'and this is is Midnight and Narcissa. Narcissa promptly said 'Hi, do you want some Rootbeer?' before realising it had run out. I went off to see if there was any in the kitchen.

The End

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