Ana: Wha...

"Listen, I'm not discriminating or anything but I really don't think you should be here. This house isn't safe for humans."

Imira's words kept echoing in Ana's mind, over and over again.

"isn't safe for humans." I shudderd, then tucked a strand of  her long brown hair behinde her ear. Maybe I should leave....

Ana shakily stood, then headed downstairs. I reached for the door handle then closed my eyes.

The handle wouldn't turn.

I was trapped.

Something Imira had said earlyer rang in my thoughts

"Only I thought humans couldn't get in, I mean, those vampire hunters couldn't,so..."

What if I had been let in on accident, but now couldn't leave because I was human?

I ponderd this for a moment.

Realising there was nothing I could do, I headed back to my room. Ema was waiting on the top bunk.

"Hey I brought you something to drink."  I looked at her apprehensively.

"Don't worry, it's not blood. Just rootbeer." Oh. I love rootbeer.

I thanked Ema, then grabbed the glass from her hand. It tasted like homemade rootbeer. Yum.

"So, how many other....Vampires are here?" I asked Ema. She counted off on her fingers.

"Um... imira, Midnight, Narcissa...." She paused. "I think there's three, If you don't count me."

Wow. three.

Suddenly Ema brightend. "I know!!! why don't you come meet them all!!!"

"wha...." I squeaked,  supprised as Ema pulled me next door.


The End

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