Ema: All checked in.

"So." I said. "If everythings cleared up, I think i'll go check in."  I gestured to the girl who had just walked in. "And your name is?"

"Imira." she said.

"Ah yes, Imira. What a nice name. So, you wouldn't happen to have anything to drink, would you? I'm a bit parched, just had a run in with  a few hunters."

"Sure. There's some blood in the kitchen, and if you go to room three, I think Narcissa will share her rootbeer." She smiled at me, then we both left the room to let Ana calm down.

Downstairs, I went to the desk and opened the guestbook. I scaned the page, then next to Ana's name I quickly scribbled and Ema. I slammed the book closed, then grabbed the key on the table, shoving it in my pocket. I took a small bottle of blood from the kitchen, and went to room three, where the other vampires were gathered.

"Howdy, folks!" I said with a grin.

The End

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