Ana: No TV show, no Jacket.

"Just cause I'm joker doesn't mean i'm a lier." Ema said

I kept staring at the girl who had enterd a few moments after my sister, also claming to be a vampire

I was just about to say 'she got you in on it too?' but, her fangs were pretty convincing, not like the cheep plastic ones you get from carnival games. Still......vampires arn't real! I pinched my arm a few times, to see if I was awake, then hugged my legs. I was awake, but how could this be real? I mean, it would explaine the people chasing after me earlyer but.............they just arn't real. Maybe I had a fever and was delierius, or prehaps I had food poisoning, or maybe I was druged!?

Nothing made sense, yet I could not shake the feeling that they could be telling the truth.

"Fine..." I stamerd "I g-guess you're...real."  I sank back farther onto the bed, almost waiting for someone to comeout and tell me i'm on a reality TV show, or waiting for the strangleing embrace of a straight-jacket.

Yet nothing happend. No Tv show, no jacket.

The End

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