Ema: and Ana's info.

Me and Ana are identical, well almost. There is a really big diffrence, as you see.....well, I'm a vampire. She's not.  I'm not really sure what happend, but on my 14th birthday I was bitten. Ana had been sick on our birthday, so she did not come to the camp-out we'd planed for the party. I almost stayed home with her, but it was too late to cancle the party. the party was pretty well for the first while, but towards the end it flew out of control. I had just left the group for a few moments to use the camp restroom, and when I reaturned I met compleat disaster. The side of the tent was ripped open, and my friends were nowhere to be found (in fact, I still don't know where they are). I was allready freaked out because of this, then someone grabbed me and bit my neck.

I woke a few hours later to the sound of a hospital monitor. On the police report it say's it was a bear attack. 

And so that's pretty much how it happend. After that, a few vampire hunters found out about me, and had been chasing me for awhile. They did not know about my twin sister, so I guess they thought she was me as they chased her. Anyway, we both found our way to the Vampire Mansion. My sis will probaly be freaked out when she finds out vampires are real. And It will probaly take awhile to convince her, because she knows me as the "class clown."


The End

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