Ana: arival.

I glanced back, wondering who in the world these phycos were. They had been chaseing me all night long, screaming something about vampiers. I reached a small clearing in the forest, then stoped to catch my breath. In front of me was a huge, historical looking hotel. Or something like that. Any way, I thought it would help me get away from whoever was chasing me. So I went inside, and stoped at a desk. I opened a large red book, which seemed to a guest log. I signed my name (Ana) then checked the feamale box. A small key appered, with a number 4 on it, I guess that's my room number. Wow. In all my 14 years of life, I never thought I would get mixed up with something so strange. I looked at the map, then went up to my room. I went inside, then sat on the bed, my head swarming. Someone entered the room, and I jumped, hiting my head on the top bunk that had not been there five minutes ago. I glanced up, my head throbing, then scowled.

"What are you doing here?" I asked my annoing, identical twin sister.

The End

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